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The Bowman Francis Ministry is presenting a new way for you financially support our programs. We will be using two new online web sites to help raise donated funds to continue to provide the best program and services for all of our participants. The two sites can be reached, by clicking on their logos above.

GoFundMe the #1 crowdfunding website in the world for a) Personal Donation Campaigns, b) Charity Fundraising Campaigns or c) All-or-Nothing Crowdfunding Campaigns. The service operates in countries that use the Euro as their currency.  The Bowman Francis Ministry is an international ministry and can now  raise funds through online donations allowing everyone to be an active participant in the changing of lives and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The beauty of GoFundMe is that it allows the Bowman Francis Ministry to invite all of it supporters to take part in their story. Just as we share parts of our lives on Facebook, we also want to share our ministry online with crowd funding. The Bowman Francis Ministry hopes you will always be eager to support others you care about. GoFundMe removes the physical barriers traditionally associated with receiving financial support from the people in our lives.

The second site is, Goodsearch; So, how can I simply do good?

Pick the Bowman Francis Ministry as your cause – you’ll be raising money for our cause – at no cost to you! Watch the dollars add up on the site share your actions with your friends, toinspire them to make a difference every single day.

The three primary ways you can earn money are through searching the Internet, shopping online and dining out. Here’s a quick explanation of each of them:

•Goodsearch: Search the Internet with our patent-protected, Yahoo!-powered search engine and we’ll donate about a penny to your selected cause.

•Goodshop: Shop at one of our more than 2,800 participating stores (from Amazon to Zazzle) and a percentage of what you spend will be donated to your cause. Goodshop lists more than 100,000 coupons and deals so you could save money while doing good!

•Gooddining: Dine at one of our 10,000 participating restaurants around the country and a percentage of what you spend will go to your cause.

•Good-to-go add-ons: The GoodShop To-Go Button and Goodsearch Plug-in help you to earn donations when you shop and search!

•Goodsurveys: When you complete a survey on our online surveys platform, we'll donate about $1 to your cause!

•Goodoffers: When you complete any of our special offers - we'll make a donation to your cause!

•Goodgames: When you play any combination of our goodgames three times, we’ll donate a penny to your cause.

•Goodtvads: Watch commercials from your favorite products and brands to raise money for your cause!

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